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A cost-effective, long-term, full-service solution

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Peace-of-mind warehousing solution


BlackBox is a secure bulk warehousing company with over 20 years experience in supply chain management.

Our warehouse and yard spaces are utilised by clients for secure storage of goods until they are needed.

The secure indoor space is utilised for palletized or bulk packed goods, while our outdoor storage space is used for larger items which can be stored outside or undercover.

There are no limitations on size, space or time required to warehouse goods at our facility. No deposit is required to start using our services.

Additional SERVICES

The answer to your bulk warehousing needs


Your goods can be safely palletized for ease of transport. Optional service, highly competitive rates.


Collection and delivery of your goods anywhere in South Africa, by our sister company…


Quality checks as per industry best practice, carried out by trained personnel.


The answer to your bulk warehousing needs

Warehouse and Yard

A warehouse with 9,000m2 of secure warehouse space on an overall footprint of 33,000m2, allowing for significant outdoor storage.


Your goods protected by 24/7 manned security.
Linked to rapid-response armed patrols.
Full perimeter electric fencing.


Secure. Cost Effective. Convenient

Warehousing and supply chain

We are a warehousing and supply chain business, specialising in bulk warehousing.

Our extensive secure warehouse and yard spaces are utilised by clients for safe storage of goods until such time as they are needed.

We are a 51% Black Owned Business, which means your own BBBEE status is enhanced by using our services.



How many years has Blackbox been in business?

The management team behind Blackbox has been in the logistics industry – specifically in warehousing and distribution – for over 20 years.

Are there limits to the size of what I can store?

No, there are no limitations. We can make anything work.

Is there a limit on how long I can store my goods with you?

We’re happy with short or long-term bulk storage – how long we store it is entirely up to you.

Do you offer a fine pick service, where I can place individual orders for shipment?

Blackbox is a bulk pick facility, so unfortunately we do not cater for fine pick or e-commerce ordering.

How much notice is required before taking up storage, or before pulling stock?

24 hours at the most. We make things happen fast.

Do I need to pay a deposit up front?

No deposit required.

Do you function at all as a self-storage facility, where I can manage my own goods?

Unfortunately this is not a self-managed service. To maximise security we manage the stock ourselves, and only Blackbox staff are allowed on site.