The tech that powers our warehouses

April 5, 2019 0Blog

It is crucial for warehouses to use the technology at their disposal, especially considering all the warehouse management software out there. The secret to running a successful warehouse is to know which ones to use. At BlackBox, the software and hardware we use improve efficiency, bring down costs and make processes more effective.

These are some of the key products that keep us at the top of our game:

On the cloud

The cloud-based warehouse management system we use is called OrderFlow (by Realtime Despatch). For us, it guarantees that our entire process is timely, accurate and consistent. This management software assists with everything from integrating the orders we receive from various channels to keeping track of stock and generating up-to-date reports.

This software has been a game changer for our operations. As a result of using Realtime Despatch, we won the tender process for South African Breweries (SA) in 2017. Read more about that here.

Barcodes encoded with item locations

Location-encoded barcodes means virtually no paperwork, less man-hours and a dramatic decrease in errors. The technology is so simple and at the same time so powerful. We capture all goods as we receive them into our system, and each item gets a barcode. When we pack it away, we scan the barcode and bin location to link them. This way, if the wrong item gets moved or picked, the software will know about it and not allow the picker to proceed.

Keep track of parcels

Another useful technology in our warehouse, Parcel Perfect, allows us to track delivery parcels at any stage of the process, in real time. This gives the user full insights into the delivery process, and helps us to manage any unforeseen circumstances. The software we use for this has a user-friendly interface and serves as a single access point to all waybill information related to the parcel – including POD images and cost breakdowns.

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